Sarasota and Manatee Counties are Vibrant Communities

Sarasota County Schools

There are 53 schools in Sarasota County with 5,000 administrators, teachers and employees who service 43,000 students. Learn More

Manatee County Schools

Learn more about Manatee County schools that includes 47 traditional schools and 13 charter schools. Learn More

55+ Communities H3

Empty-Nesters Looking for a Community Designed for 55+ and Older?
The Florida Commission on Human Relations has compiled a thorough list of the housing properties specifically designed for people 55 and over. It’s a great reference guide.

Sarasota Arts Community

The arts community is alive and thriving in Sarasota. You will find something night and day whehter it’s music, theater, opera or art galleries. There’s something for everyone. Learn More